Wireless Smart Socket (AS/NZS Certified)


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Product Information

WL-ICS-A01 Wireless Smart Socket is  a  new AS/NZS Certified product based on ZigBee technology  design. It can support mobile intelligent terminal devices and wireless network so as to control the switch wirelessly 
and intelligently.
As for specified environment and group, WL-ICS-A01 can’t be replaced by ordinary socket. Through simple settings and applications, more and more people can enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought by smart home.
This product has a wide application. In addition to the smart home system, it can be also applied to the intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel, intelligent building etc.
Function features
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Repeater
Exquisite appearance
Simple and flexible operation
Convenient and fast network connection
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Product Code: WL-ICS-A01

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