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The Internet of Your Home

SmartThings, which launched in 2012, has arrived amid a legitimate sea change in home automation.
In the past few years, the rise of cloud computing has made it easier than ever to build gadgets that connect to the so-called Internet of Things, meaning they can be monitored and controlled from afar, usually with their own smartphone app.
There's also been an uptick in the production of sensors and devices that enable you to smartify objects that are dumb. (Think plugging a desk lamp into an adapter controlled by your phone, or rigging a door with a motion detector that pings you about intruders.) By 2018, the research firm IHS Technology predicts, people will have installed 45 million smart-home services.
"We're really starting to see major volume here," says Lisa Arrowsmith, an IHS associate director. "It's an exciting time." Read more